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Terracoin (TRC) is a person to person digital currency. It shares many similarities to Bitcoin in that it utilizes the SHA 256 algorithm and relies on the concepts outlined in Satoshi's white paper. Terracoin originated in late 2012 after a series of difficulties arose in other digital currencies. There will only be 42 million Terracoin produced. To learn about using and/or mining Terracoin visit the bitcointalk forum or the Terracoin website, Terracoin.io.

September 28th Terracoin Update - Countdown!

We are counting down to the hard fork which will happen in approximately 42 hours!!
If you are wondering why the date or time seems to flucutate that is because when we calculate the date we use the block time of two minutes. In reality, blocks aren't generated every two minutes but when a block is solved. This usually averages out to around 2 minutes but lately it has taken a little bit longer, which is why the time keeps changing.
As we get closer you can calculate a rough guess yourself. Take 1,0875,000 (the hard fork block) and subtract the current block. This can be found on a block explorer such as https://bchain.info/trc/ or in your wallets on the information tab. Then divide that number by 30 which is the number of blocks an hour.
For example: 1087500-1086238=1262. 1262/30≈42 hours.
Join us in our countdown!
In other news Cryptopia has put their wallet in maintenance to upgrade for the hard fork!
I am regularly checking on the other exchanges to make sure things are happening.
I will update as I get info.
This is an exciting time for Terracoin so please join our forums and social media to be there for the hard fork!
Thanks and sorry this weekly update is late. I am a little behind today, kind of like the blockchain.
Also there are already over 200 masternodes online!
If you haven't updated your wallet to 12.1.5 please do before the hard fork!
30 days ago we were at 0.00002435 BTC (.1069 USD) and today we are at 0.00005160 BTC (.2102 USD).
A year ago we were at 0.00000400 BTC (.0024 USD).
We are ranked 287 on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $4,492,054 USD. Last week our market cap was $2,445,562 USD.
Source: http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/terracoin/#charts
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Terracoin: 12bTKJL3UiypnVQMyFXg7eCJudAyAtgh6p
Bitcoin: 14LW52k8vhHvHaGfmgx48d3su4RcKPyKcc
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Thought I was going to be rich for a second...

So I was watching the terracoin block explorer (waiting for the new difficulty retargeting algorithm to kick in), and in anticipation I fired up my TRC wallet and started solo mining right around when 101631 was discovered.
Instantly I started noticing, about every minute my miner was discovering new blocks! I got an insane rush, as I had within a matter of minutes amassed about 220 TRCs! I thought, better ride this out until the other miners catch on. It was amazing to have the feeling that only those with lots of GH/s or the early Bitcoin pioneers have...
Sadly, I quickly came to the realization as the balance disappeared from my wallet that it had not fully synchronized with the network yet. Guess I'm gonna keep going in the hopes that I'll at least find one block with my paltry 6870 while Coinotron's TRC pool is down and the difficulty is still relatively low.
TL;DR Solo miners always make sure your wallet is up to date. Like any high, it only lasts for a little while.
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CREDIT is a Cryptocurrency and a decentralized digital payment solution to the world's unbanked adult population. Get CREDIT as an alternative to cash. Terracoin was one of the early forks of Bitcoin, and since its creation developed features such as: Two-tier network with incentivized nodes and decentralized governance (Masternodes), Instant payments (InstantSend), optional privacy (PrivateSend), Dark Gravity Wave v3 difficulty adjustment, SHA256d algorithm with AuxPoW merge mining, multitude ... Terracoin Electrum is a light wallet which uses powerful external servers to index the blockchain, while still securing the keys on your personal computer. Transactions are verified on the Terracoin blockchain using a technique called Secure Payment Verification (SPV), which only requires the block headers and not the full block. Terracoin (TRC) price stats and information. Share: Terracoin Price (Terracoin price history charts) 1 TRC = $ 0.019 USD (2019-01-14 07:26:09 UTC) 1 USD = 51.81 TRC Bitcoin. Ethereum. Grin. Litecoin. Dogecoin. Dash. BlockCypher Testnet. Read more about what makes this block explorer different here. We are social Fork me on GitHub Powered by BlockCypher Web Services

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