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[SELLING] Complete bitcoin faucet site script with nice rotator

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[SELLING] Complete bitcoin faucet site script with nice rotator
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] faucetsystem rotator

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hi guys , i want to ask faucet owners how to get listed on faucetsystem rotator , i can't even find their faucet script
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hi guys , i want to ask you how to get listed on faucetsystem rotator , i can't even find their faucet script
faucetsystem rotator
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New potcoin user / programmer need some pot to get started!

My address: PMAxw15nahsgbdjHu3evcmXFwBauy2wGAh
The beg: Hey guys , I am currently working on a faucet rotator script you can opt in/out of faucets and it keeps a nice timed log of the ones you have visited. One of the currency's that took my interest was potcoin! I ended up on this subreddit and was reading through some threads. At the time I was also in a bitcoin chatroom and asked some people in there what a good currency was apart from btc/doge/litecoin and this was suggested. As I was already reading about potcoin at the time and with the suggestion given to me I decided potcoin is for me.
I noticed there is not many potcoin faucets I can add to my list right now and I think that is because there is not many advertising networks that actually pay out site owners in potcoin. The trend seems to be to have a faucet with bitcoin ad links and then convert the bitcoin to potcoin. I am also going to code a open source potcoin faucet and offer anyone who uses it free space in my rotator to try and get things rolling on the faucet side of things!
Here is a screenshot of my faucet rotator , it is work in progress still but you get the idea:
A unique feature of my rotator is that after joining you can input all 4 of your currency addresses and receive 100% commission off anyone who surfs using your refferal link. But I can only do that with 90% of the links , e.g: If a faucet uses the format www.some then you will receive the commission as I can swap out my adress with yours , if however a site does not use that format and instead uses something like I get the commission. But that only does happen on very few sites! This will inturn pay people to send my site traffic and get people viewing potcoin who would not normally know about it.
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Submit your faucet to

Hi, I'm the creator of, a multicryptocurrency faucet rotator(Dogecoins/Litecoins/Bitcoins) featuring the best and most rewarding faucets + some nice features which are currently in the work. No nasty scripts, no empty faucets, no disabled ones, everything is checked and updated once a week.
If you wish to add your own faucet to the list, feel free to answer this message, there are thousands of users every day waiting for it.
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AltcoinHub Faucet Rotator Project

I know faucet rotators are a dime a dozen, and a lot of them are pretty much the same regurgitated script being used over and over again.
I'm trying something a little different. It's a personal project I've been working on for a bit, organizing all of the Bitcoin faucets I frequent into separate rotators by frequency of use. What that means is that all of the 5 minute faucets are in one rotator, all of the 1 hour faucets in another, etc... It's actually a time saver for anyone using faucets because you don't have to waste time cycling through a bunch of faucets you can't claim from yet while trying to get to the ones you can claim from.
The site is and it currently has all of the Bitcoin faucets I use organized on the site, as well as a few Blackcoin faucets. I'll be adding other altcoins' faucets in their own rotators over time as well.
There are NO redirects or URL shorteners on the site. I know people hate them, so I decided not to use them.
I DO use referral links when they are available. My hope is to earn enough BTC through referrals and eventually advertising to be able to set up and fund my own faucet.
So there you have it. The whole story, the skinny, the straight poop. Pop on over to and let me know what you think.
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Tutorial: How to make a bitcoin faucet (also altcoins) with Material Faucet Script how to setup self hosting bitcoin faucet Script Gerador de Bitcoins - Automático, Criar Conta FaucetBox SUPER ❤️ The best faucet Bitcoin ‼️No Time limit 2019  Tutorial  How to make a bitcoin faucet

bitcoin cloud. You have found a Bitcoin faucet rotator!Often this type of service will provide the script for free, but charge you a fee each list or rotator, so you may want to consider which site is most popular with faucet Turnkey Bitcoin Faucets An even easier method is to pay for an Top 100 Coins by Market Capitalization. Live streaming prices and the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum. View and analyze over 1600 cryptocurrencies. List Updated 06-10-2020. These features significantly accelerate satoshi Faucet Rotator is a chrome extension that aggregates a lot of Bitcoin, .. This script enables you to start your very own bitcoin faucet rotator, for which you can earn varying amounts of referral income. The Twitter Integration enables faucets to be tweeted when they are added and updated. Every hour, a faucet is chosen at random and tweeted. Rotator Address: [login to view URL] Demo Address: [login to view URL] I don't want a Bitcoin Faucet Rotator. PRIMARY coins to add in Faucet Rotator Bitcore Dogecoin Blackcoin Primecoin. Those four coins are my primary coins in the Rotator. Rotator should have a menu section where users/visitors can change which coin to claim in the rotator.

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Tutorial: How to make a bitcoin faucet (also altcoins) with Material Faucet Script

EObot acelerar ganhos de BitCoin - Rotator Dogecoin - Duration: 10:46. Izac Tutoriais 22,523 ... Crear una faucet de bitcoins ,usando el Script de faucetbox en un servidor local - Duration: ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue The best faucet Bitcoin no Time limit im year 2019 Link The best faucet Bitcoin no Time limit, Free faucet BTC, No Time limit faucet Bitcoin, The best faucet, The best ... Bitcoin Faucet Bot Make 1 BTC Per 2 Day 100% Working link youtobe : facebook ; https://web.facebook.comđạt.nguyễn.9699523 comment for help ... auto rotator script ... In this video i will show you how to make a bitcoin/dogecoin/altcoins ... faucet with Material Faucet Script. This script made with bootstrap and codeigniter framework.