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What does r/drugs think about how a cashless society would affect the black market? Would we all be screwed?

In reading about the downfall of the silk road, I can't help but think the only way for any underground drug market to exist long term is for the users to continue to buy the old-fashioned way: in person with cash (see ars technica link below, particularly the comments). Recently, there's been talk of a coming "cashless society" given that people are using cash less and less these days. Wired writer David Wolman recently wrote a book on this idea. It seems like once you rule out cash and anonymous digital currency like bitcoin then the market's only alternative is to use bottles of liquid Tide or something, since I doubt the supply of precious metals is large enough for the market to use them as a currency. It seems like then it would be pretty difficult to explain to a cop why you have fifteen bottles of Tide. What does drugs think of all this? Further reading in the links below:
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Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Bitcoin is Punk-Rock, You Can't Control it  WIRED Building Bitcoin Websites - Blockchain API 1 of 2 Bitcoin and Climate, BPost and Ria, Ripple and CTO David Schwartz! The real SECRETS about Bitcoin and

Everything WIRED UK knows about Currency, including the latest news, features and images. ... David Wolman: A universal currency could end the financial crisis ... The rise and fall of bitcoin ... David Wolman is a contributing editor at Wired and the author of The End of Money, due out in paperback this autumn. Share this story About sharing Email some longform: Can the Public Be Trusted During a Pandemic? The Man Who Chases Auroras to Push Away Darkness . The Weird and Glorious Reign of Nike’s Superhero Swoosh (Daily Beast). The Bloody Baron (The Daily Beast). Surviving the 60-foot fall was the easy part (Outside & Middlebury Magazine). Red Dawn in Lapland . The Man Who Reinvented Nike and Seduced adidas (Portland Monthly) Bitcoin Boomtown: Digital Currency Tops $400, Mining Rigs Sell for $3M. As the value of a bitcoin edged past $400, a Canadian mining company says it's opening a bitcoin exchange. David Wolman. On the C-SPAN Networks: David Wolman is a Contributing Editor for the WIRED Magazine with two videos in the C-SPAN Video Library; the first appearance was a 2012 Speech.The year with ...

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Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Bitcoin is Punk-Rock, You Can't Control it WIRED

Intro to using blockchain's API. This video goes over the right way to get set up and then how to generate addresses using PHP. My Book: "Bitcoin is not smooth jazz," says Andreas M Antonopoulos, an entrepreneur, author and cryptocurrency expert. "Bitcoin is punk rock." Subscribe to WIRED h... Description: The End of Money Lecturer: David Wolman Date Created: 9/19/13 Original Creator: University Lecture Series Original Format: CD-DA Original Digital Format: .WAV File. "David Wolman is a contributing editor at "Wired". He has written for such publications as Outside, Mother Jones, Newsweek, Discover, Forbes, and Salon, and his work has appeared in Best American ... Some people believe bitcoin will establish itself as a global crypto currency, but increasingly it is the other possible uses of the blockchain technology on which it is built that is exciting ...