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System won't boot with PCIe x16 Powered Riser

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CPU i3-4170
Motherboard MSI H81-E33
RAM 8GB Crucial CL9 1600MHz
GPU Powercolor HD 7750 1GB DDR3
PSU FSP Group 300W SFX
PCIe x16 Powered Riser This one
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When I connect the powered riser to my system, plug in the molex to its receiving end and attach my graphics card, the system will not even boot. I have tried with the riser attached and powered but with no graphics card in it and it has launched.
Do note that I had to bend the riser for the card to fit and I believe there were some 90 degree bends (the ribbon was basically folded on top of itself to fit below the card). I was told that this was OK, but I get the feeling that if the riser is shot that's the issue, looking at the Amazon reviews.
I have identified that it is likely the riser; I've tried with another PSU and the system has booted and it has also booted without the riser at all. The alternative to the riser being shot is that my system cannot provide enough power, but I don't think that's the case, although my PSU could have more wattage for this build.
List anything you've done in attempt to diagnose or fix the problem.
I've tried it without powering and that's about it.
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No photos, sorry.
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If the riser is indeed shot, does anyone know of trustworthy risers to buy that are either short (at least shorter than this one) or bendable (if my bending it destroyed it)? LiHeat seems like a good place to buy from, but they unfortunately are in Asia.
EDIT: Oops I'm an idiot; I forgot to plug in a speaker to see if there were beep codes. Does this speaker need to be hooked up directly to my motherboard or will plugging in one through the 3.5mm jack work too? I don't have any speakers to hook up directly to my motherboard I'm pretty sure. Does my board perhaps come with a speaker (I can't seem to find one in any pictures and I'm away from it right now so I can't inspect it in person)?
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