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The getaddrinfo() function combines the functionality provided by the gethostbyname(3) and getservbyname(3) functions into a single interface, but unlike the latter functions, getaddrinfo() is reentrant and allows programs to eliminate IPv4-versus-IPv6 dependencies. The addrinfo structure used by getaddrinfo() contains the following fields: Recent in Python. How to call perl script in Python script? 11 hours ago How to write a code In Python where input will be 1 then the output will be 2? 12 hours ago Write program/code for below input to get required output. 17 hours ago Why self is used in methods or init() method in python? 17 hours ago In python whats difference between default constructor and no parameter constructor? 17 Extensions to getaddrinfo() for Internationalized Domain Names Starting with glibc 2.3.4, getaddrinfo() has been extended to selec‐ tively allow the incoming and outgoing hostnames to be transparently converted to and from the Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) format (see RFC 3490, Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)). General description. The getaddrinfo() function translates the name of a service location (for example, a host name) and/or service name and returns a set of socket addresses and associated information to be used in creating a socket with which to address the specified service. import socket socket.getaddrinfo('localhost', 8080) If it doesn't work there, it's not going to work in the Bottle example. You can try '' instead of 'localhost' in case that's the problem.

[index] [31133] [13857] [2237] [31483] [14899] [20158] [27685] [6000] [9694] [34620]

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